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When it comes to sealing concrete or wood, PermaSeal in Chesterfield, Missouri, stops at nothing to make sure you are completely satisfied. Read below to see what some of our many satisfied customers have to say about our service.

Impressive in All Aspects

To whom it may concern.

I wanted to share the experience I had dealing with PermaSeal.

I was introduced to Permaseal via Ben; he came to my house to talk to me about my driveway and how he could preserve it permanently.

I have had several tough stained spots on my concrete, that I have had to power wash to try to remove and I have been able to tell how it affects the concrete. PermaSeal came out, did their thing, and my concrete looks great. The tough spots, that were difficult to deal with prior to the PermaSeal process are either gone or when they show up, it is so easy and effortless to remove. In addition, my driveway has been permanently sealed with their deep penetrating sealant. Further, there is a 25-year warranty on their product, which means I will never have to seal my driveway again.

I was so impressed that I had PermaSeal come to my factory facility, a 40,000-square-foot concrete and brick building, to seal all the outside walls. I was in the process of getting bids to have the outside walls painted again, but it was quite a bit more affordable to have PermaSeal apply their sealant to the walls in the long run, as I would never have to pay to have it painted again; and besides being 100% waterproof, which was very noticeable on the inside prior to the process, the sealant also increases the strength of the concrete and bricks.

My skepticism quickly faded as Ben went through the process and demonstrated the products' features and benefits. I agreed to contract with Permaseal to have my drive sealed with their penetrating sealant.

Their work and professionalism was very impressing and I can highly recommend PermaSeal to anyone that want to preserve their product, be it for home or business.

Thank you Ben and the PermaSeal crew.

Richard H., Town & Country

Strongly Recommend

To: Ben Jensen

Ben: I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that our cedar deck looks just like new. As you may recall the deck was only three years old but had a lot of wear on all the horizontal boards. Your crew was able to clean the deck and bring the cedar look back to its original state. I have noticed that the sealer you applied has made the wood harder and it actually feels more dense. Your crew was very conscientious and careful to make sure our landscaping and siding was protected.

I would also like to let you know that our driveway looks great as well. I am looking forward to not having to seal my driveway or my deck for many years to come. My wife and I are really happy with the outcome of both the deck and driveway. 

We would strongly recommend the PermaSeal product and process.

Thanks again,

Gene & Debbie
Lake St Louis, MO

Preserve Your Investment

Dear Mr. Jensen,

We wanted to write you to express how satisfied we are with your product, service and the crew.

We built our house 3 years ago including the cedar deck, as soon as we moved in we stained the deck and it looked great.

Unfortunately, it only looked good for about 6 months and we knew we had to do something to protect our investment, we were not too excited about the prospect of having to stain our deck, at least once a year, to maintain it.

Thank god for Permaseal, your team came out, cleaned the deck and permanently sealed the deck with the penetrating sealant. Now it looks just like the day we moved in and we do not have to stain it, unless we want a different color than the natural wood look. Further, cleaning it is a breeze, no need to power wash it, simply hose it down. We are so happy to know we have protected our investment for at least 25 years and we have just scheduled your team to come out and permanently seal our drive way as well.

We can highly recommend Permaseal to everyone that is looking for a permanent solution, peace of mind.

The whole thing was a very pleasurable experience. From the initial visit, where you thoroughly explained the entire process, with no sales pressure. To the polite, punctual and professional crew that came and did the work.

Thank you again for helping us preserve our investment.

Jenny & Ed Walsh
O’ Fallon, MO