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Concrete and Wood Restoration Done Right

Let PermaSeal in Chesterfield, Missouri, help you with your office or home restoration project. If it entails sealing wood or concrete, we have you covered. For more information about the PermaSeal quality and its benefits, please contact us for an estimate.

Backed by Technology

Our professionally trained crew uses specialized equipment that blends our environmentally safe solutions to the correct levels. This ensures accurate application at each individual job site.

Sealing Benefits

Instead of a top coat, we use a penetrating sealant. This specialized sealant fills in naturally occurring voids to greatly reduce the amount of water that wood can absorb. It stops the growth of fungus, extending the life of paint and stain, and leaving a natural, non-shiny, and slip-resistant finish. Consumers also like the fact that it hardens and strengthens concrete by up to 23%, like it does to wood. Spill cleanup isn't much of a problem either. Ultimately, we preserve both wood and concrete permanently by using a sealant that prevents:

• Damage from Moisture and Further Rotting or Decaying. Minimizing Cracking,     splitting and warping.         
• Spread of Fire (Flame Retardant)
• Oil, Grease, Acid, and Salt from Penetrating Concrete
• Cracking, Flaking, Peeling, Spalling, Dusting, and Pitting from Freeze Thaw Cycle

Putting Health and Safety in High Regard

Before starting any work, we secure your entire property, including any foliage. We use nontoxic and biodegradable products that do not pose harm to people, plants, animals, and the environment. These products reduce sweating, water leakage, and seepage, as well as protect steel in concrete from rust and corrosion. Surfaces dry faster, because they do not become waterlogged.

Full Warranty

Apart from being environmentally friendly, our sealant is truly of high quality. Learn more about our product warranty policy.